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Usage of cosIT Photography Photos

cosIT Photography is a free service that I donate my time to.  I believe in giving back something amazing to people I meet.  I have met a lot of great people through my travels and would like to continue doing so.  

I ask that you observe the following when using a picture:

-All rights reserved.  

-You may not sell the photo to a 3rd party (such as a cosplay compilation book) or for monetary gain without my approved written permission.

-You may not remove or otherwise crop my watermark from any photo.  Not only are you removing the ability for others to find me, but you are passing off the photo as your own without giving credit.  However, for using a photo as a Facebook profile picture that may need cropping, I ask that you give credit by providing a link to www.cositphotography.com or by name ("cosIT Photography").

-You may not modify my photos.  This includes post processing, effects, filters, text, or any foreign visual alterations that are not part of the published photo.  While there are those who do a great job, this is mostly to preserve my style of how I want the pictures to be seen.  People who see a heavily modified photochop may come away with an impression that devalues cosIT Photography.

-You are not entitled to any additional compensation or services.

-You are free to post my photo, in its entirety, to blogs, Facebook, Flickr, Twittr, Live Journal, and other social media outlets as long as the above bullets are observed.  Anything outside this, please contact me at chris [at] cosITphotography.com or facebook.com/cosITphotography.